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The first German and always up-to-date P2P platform rating on Germany’s most popular blog for P2P credits. But above all, a certain familiarity with the p2p system. In this blog, I want to help private investors make the right P2P loan investment decisions. My personal investment blog, how I earn more than 20% annual return with P2P credits, information about the P2P providers, investment strategies, bonus etc. I report extensively in my guest article on the ETF blog.

Imprint – P2P credits

Imprint - P2P credits

As part of my free time, I regularly compose and publish new publications, moderate the Big Break podcast and manage some other small internet projects and blogs here since spring 2016 on passive income and private P2P loans. In my blog, I would like to bring you closer to the importance of passive income and give you tips for quick and easy implementation.

Every month more than 40,000 people follow my reports and I have already researched for you in the Baltic States (where most of the platforms are). Where do I get my books and blog from? In the next few days my life path changed by 180 degrees. The family classic was over and I suddenly had time and costs for online projects, travel activities and many other things that had never been possible in this way before.

In my marriage I already liked the old motif books (really ancient, 100-200 years) and even then (inspired by another writer and friend) I had the idea to translate the old and copyright-free works from German and to reissue them . After the division and hangover tours through Asia, I changed my own age all year round, optimized my time (which I suddenly had again) and went straight to work, although I still had no idea how to publish a book .

This is followed by the two-part work, which ultimately forms the basis for this blog, which has existed since January 2016 and thus developed from my work as an author. In cooperation with our P2P community member Tobias Linzers, a new work on “Saving Money” was published last year. In the meantime, further works have been published and set to music.

Because I am now very familiar with self-publishing, I have been looking after “young authors” in realizing their book launches from A to Z for some time or even acting as a publisher of the books, and the experts only do what they do best best can. Put your ideas on paper. Including the Because I am a more self-contained person, I noticed that the typeface suits me very well and fits my other advantages.

Of course, you can also take something with it

Of course, you can also take something with it

A notion that I had when I was trying to break in. Countless people design their ideas from front to back and in the end nothing happens.

The second tip for you: put your ideas into practice right away! In retrospect, not even the salary / passive salary in the whole thing is so exciting, but the increase in experience. For example, what I found out through the publication of books, how many interested people I met, and what resulted from it is simply a mistake.

However, the familiarization curve is not as high as in an online company, because most of the time, like me, you are focused on a special field. With me it was the small choice between the first and second day when I start to make more of my private life than it seems possible, or the second day when I sat in front of the horsepower and with the gamble gallop 4 played (and that’s my real seriousness).

Some of you always ask me what my current P2P portfolio status might look like and on what basis my salary is. If you want to learn more about the different P2P platforms, you can get an impression in my P2P platform overview. Occasionally you will find P2P platforms here that are not yet covered by contributions.

Then it is usually the case that I believe that the P2P platform is not yet far enough to show it to the general public. Share with the boss – How the 3 A’s help determine your age! Shares with Head – 12% income with P2P loans? Because with this blog I want to be at the end of world history in the long run and I would very much like to see you subsidize my retirement.

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